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qBittorrent: A Feature-Rich and Cross-Platform BitTorrent Solution

Important: Please be aware that while qBittorrent is a free, open source, clean torrent manager software YOU are responsible for the data you choose to download. Do not distribute or redistribute any illegal content. A good example of a legit torrent can be found on the official GIMP homepage - the download section OR Ubuntu download section. There are many other legit usage examples of how qBittorrent can be used.

Note regarding the installation: There's nothing hidden in this app, no bundles, no unwanted ads or anything like that. It's 100% clean, so the setup process should be easy enough and without any unwanted advertising. Just remember that although the application itself is clean, you are responsible for the data that you will upload or download through a torrent.

qbittorrent download

qBittorrent has other interesting features such as support for tags to organize your files, the ability to switch off the computer once the downloads are finished and a Web interface that lets you manage your downloads remotely.

Lately the BitComet is failing me a lot and from the Ares the torrent download is always worse so I have tried this one and the truth is that it is not bad at all. I will continue using it and if it c...

If qBittorrent takes ages to download torrent files and the download rate is extremely low, chances are that your internet connection isn't strong enough to assist the torrent client in downloading files faster. If changing your internet connection isn't an option, or you already have a decent connection, you can increase download speed by tweaking some qBittorrent settings.

The download limit in the qBittorrent client refers to the maximum rate at which torrents can be downloaded. Having no cap means the client can use all available resources and get as high a download speed as possible. The upload limit, on the other hand, refers to the maximum rate at which downloaded files on your computer are shared with other peers or leechers.

Upload and download rate limits are set to infinity by default, and it's recommended not to tinker with these limits. Most often, users limit the upload rate to save bandwidth and get faster download rates, but the torrent client's choking mechanism compromises download rates when upload rates are limited, making the download process much slower.

In some cases, limiting the download rate to a value slightly higher than what you would like to achieve increases the overall download speed. Therefore, if you have such a figure in mind, limit the download speed by that and see if it makes any difference. If this changes the download rate negatively, don't forget to revert it.

Seeing qBittorrent take ages to download a file is not a pleasant experience. We've shown you how to configure the qBittorrent settings to download files faster. Ensure you follow all the preliminary instructions, configure the client settings according to the recommended settings, and follow the recommendations at the end of the article to speed up the download process.

All torrents are downloading into HDD, but said drive most of the time idles at 0% load, so it's not the bottleneck. Something is wrong with qBittorrent itself. I've tried looking into various possible issues, but found none.

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qBitorrent Download PGP Signature

As you may know, a torrent is split into pieces of equal size that do not take files into consideration.As a consequence, a piece can contain information relative to more than one file and qBittorrent only operates at piece level.Because of this, if two files are adjacent and you choose to download only one of them, it is likely that the filtered one will be partially downloaded and thus appear on the hard-disk.

You can also download qBittorrent from source tarball or binaries. All source tarballs and binaries are PGP signed (public key for PGP signing) starting from qBittorrent v3.3.4. You can download qBittorrent source tarball from TAR.GZ and PGP signature (SourceForge)

A healthy torrent swarm has a good share ratio between seeders (users with the entire file) and peers (the users getting the content and helping distribute it. A third player comes into place, leechers the users downloading the content but not uploading it. If the share ratio within a torrent swarm is unbalanced, for instance, there are more leechers than peers, everyone in the swarm will experience slow speeds.

NOTE for Private Tracker users: Bear in mind that if you are downloading torrents from a private tracker, the Anonymous mode will remove the entire information from the torrent tracker. Private trackers use passkeys to identify themselves, so if this is removed, you will not be recognized as a valid user. You will not be able to connect to the tracker and the torrent swarm.

With a seedbox, you download and upload torrents from and to the VPS seedbox and only use your local computer for remote login and torrent management. Torrents and their content are stored in the cloud, and when you want to download them to your premises, you can use other secure methods like RSync or SFTP. In addition, you can also use a seedbox with a Plex media server to organize and stream all your content online.

You can also use customized unofficial Qt UI themes for all platforms. For instance, you can download a different version of the qBittorrent dark theme from its official repository [qBittorrentDarktheme] and install it.

qBittorrent supports RSS feeds so that you can automatically download your favorite torrents. Whenever a new torrent is added and listed on an RSS feed, you can configure your client to download it automatically. This support includes advanced download filters (including regex) to improve your RSS feeds.

I am trying to download a file using the bittorrent protocol but I can't get my browser to open the magnet link in my torrent client. I have qbittorrent installed but I still can't seem to download from magnet links.

Now in the next window that appears you can browse to and select the file /usr/bin/qbittorrent. For this click File System on the side pane and browse through the directories usr -> bin where you'll have to select the executable file qbittorrent to open.

So to download Ubuntu from torrent, you can also save the .torrent file to /Download for example.Then you open your favorite torrent application. Opening torrent from file should be like "File" -> "Open".

Recently I installed qBitTorrent so I could download some episodes of a Creative Commons-licensed TV series. I simply used apt-get install qbittorrent, ran qbittorrent, then added the torrent files, and pressed "start". I noticed that the series would take too long to download, so I quit qBitTorrent when it was at 10%. The next day, I launched qBitTorrent again, and was surprised to find the downloads complete. Either the 2.5 GBs downloaded within 3 seconds or something else occurred.

I use qBittorrent, and to the best of my knowledge, that is not the case. When the qBittorrent GUI is not running, it is not engaging in any sneaky file uploads and downloads behind your back. If it did, frankly, that would be a bit bananas, and violate the principle of least surprise along with just plain normal, ordinary, common-sensical user expectation.

qBittorrent is a popular,cross-platform,lightweight,multi-functional, and open-source BitTorrent client. The application can download files via BT torrent files and the Magnet URI scheme.qBittorrent supports downloads in various ways, including peer exchange, DHT, and full encryption. The client also supports automatic shutdown after completing the download task. Download and upload speeds can also be limited, iPv6 can be used, and the user will also have access to IP filtering, download schedule manager, subscribe RSS, and browsing by category.To download qBittorrent, follow the simple steps given below

Attention:When qBittorrent is first started, the download speed will not increase immediately. However, after you connect properly to the torrent file, the download speed will soon reach the maximum speed.

Seeding refers to the process of sharing files with other peers. Aftera torrent job finishes downloading, you can leave it seeding, in which case it will upload the files to other peers, enabling them to enjoy them too.

I run qbittorrent-nox with WEB UI on my home server. Starting today I noticed that when I try to access the web ui with any browser (firefox, chrome, chromium) with any OS (linux, win10, android) the browser opens a download dialog asking me what to do with the file instead of displaying the login page of the web ui.Paclog doesn't list anything related to html, firefox or bittorrent.Does someone have a clue?

Sorry no fix, and just wanted add that this isn't a general issue atleast, as I just tested and cannot reproduce with either qbittorrent-nox or full client. Temporarilly rename '/.config/qBittorrent' with webUI closed and retry, though cannot see what in old profile should be able to trigger such, but regardless. I tested opening 'localhost:8080' in qutebrowser and chromium without issues.

Yeah, I came back here to post just that(mimetype-related), but you beat me to it I googled this, as per the detailed info by mgbob and indeed is a very prevailent issue, not on qbittorrent persay but upon alot of other webpages people have this "downloading of index.html instead of opening" issue with. As stated by daneel971, then most people have mimetype issues regarding this, usually in webserver setups, reverse-proxies etc, so google how fix, as I have no knowledge of that honestly(.htaccess files and whatnot), but some had stranger issues where worked if cleaning cache in browser(i'd guess shift+F5 reload would be fine to test such), enabling adblock or using incognito/private mode, adding '/' after full-url or prepend specifically 'http://', etc.

The author of this program, Christophe Dumez, created a way to access your content offline by saving it locally. You can take full control of the interface, by customizing the themes to even scheduling a download time and day.

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